Like machines, homes need regular upkeep to maintain their high performance .

We service our cars, so why not our homes??
Our friendly team have years of experience when it comes to maintenance so we can recommend the right product and the right technique for the job.
Perhaps there’s a door that jams, water damage to a skirting board, loose kitchen cabinet handles, storm damage or just a huge list of jobs that aren’t being done.
Our team of qualified tradespeople love to help our clients “tune” their homes so they run smoothly


Balcony Repairs

That famous Aussie climate makes a balcony the perfect place for a shindig, soiree or just a sausage sizzle.

However, it’s really important to regularly assess and maintain the structural integrity of your balcony, especially as they are exposed to harsh and changing weather conditions.
A good way to know if your balcony needs attention is a visual inspection of the underside. If water is seeping through the floor coverings, damage could be occurring to the structural members of the balcony and affecting the integrity of the structure.
This can lead to rotting timber beams which may eventually break and cause the balcony floor to become uneven or unstable, putting you and your loved ones in danger.
It’s much easier to repair these small problems before major issues cause costly building repairs or, even worse, injury.

Joncol Building Services offer balcony repair works simultaneously adapting your balcony to suit your lifestyle –  It’s win win!  Furthermore, these works can, in most cases, be performed with minimal interruption.

Give our friendly and qualified team a call to see how we can help you avoid huge repair costs and keep your family safe!