Without the right structural integrity, any Big Bad Wolf can blow your house down! Just ask the 3 little pigs!

Your frame is essentially the cornerstone upon which your house is built, so let’s ensure it’s done right the first time! We can support you as an owner-builder by guiding this crucial stage of your build.
Using the best quality materials, the Joncol team can be on site to build your fully customized timber frame or even just assist with erecting your prefabricated home! We can construct your frame with 10 foot ceilings or higher!
We can accommodate your insulation strategy!
We can include your choice of architectural wall and niche details!
We can do it all!
Your fully-guaranteed frame can be constructed with ease by our team of skilled carpenters, all under the supervision of a Registered Builder.


Lock-up & Fix

The most satisfying part of the building process – the lock-up stage!

Co-ordinating numerous trades, remembering tricky custom details, all whilst juggling the paperwork can be a logistical nightmare! Let us help manage these final stages of your project.
We can fix doors and locks, fit eave sheets and lightweight cladding and straighten walls ready for plaster. We construct frames for baths or bulkheads that hide pipework. We even fix those tricky dado, chair or rosette moulds.
If you need to customise your kitchen cupboards or fit out your built in robes; install compressed sheets or tile underlays; lay floorboards or line the underside of your veranda or porch… we’ll be there with nail belts on!
Our team keep up to date with the latest trends by liaising with suppliers, researching and developing new techniques and undergoing regular formal training.
At Joncol, we embrace projects of all sizes!