Joncol Building Services proudly sponsor a number of children in Uganda through the ‘Aunties Angels’ program. Our monthly commitment provides these kids with an education, food and basic needs. Our dream is to make their lives ‘more liveable’.

If you would like to sponsor a child directly, please contact Tiffany at Aunties Angels –

For every new renovation or extension in 2018, Joncol will contribute money to buy bricks to build new schools for these underprivileged children. When you build with Joncol, it’s life changing!



Here are a few details about the 30 children we already sponsor…

Razia Mansen is 4 years old, and is in kindergarten in rural Kamuli, Uganda. She lives with her grandma and her single dad who does a few odd jobs to earn a small living.


Catherine Nazir is 9 and is in grade 3. She is a good student and lives with her 6 siblings and parents who are farming a few rows of corn to sell at night. They are one of our poorest families and struggle each day to  earn enough money to buy food.


Denis Kyakulaga is in year 2 of high school. He is a good student and is willing to study hard for a better life. He is grateful to be able to stay in school since he is sponsored.


Maria Catherina is a shy 6 year old kindergartener.  She lives with her mother, 2 sisters and 1 brother. Sadly her father died a few years ago. Her mother is a farmer and she sells a few vegetables in order to provide for her family. Maria is from the slum of Mbiko outside the 2nd largest city of Jinja, Uganda.


Esther Dorcus is 8 and lives with her single  mum and younger sister in rural Kamuli.  She is a great student in grade 2 who enjoys playing with dolls that were a gift from Joncol.


Maria Nabale is 16 and lives with her mother in the slum of Mbiko. Her dad died many years ago. Her mother sells a few vegetables and fruit to earn a living. Maria is in her 3rd year of high school and has always had a hard time learning and possibly has a learning disability but in Africa this is rarely diagnosed. Maria is a  kind, helpful girl who can assist her  mum with all the chores at home.


Catherine Namazzi is 6 years old and lives with her Mother and sister Esther in a tiny 8×8 foot room in Kamuli . She is a good student and is in grade 1. She is grateful to have a sponsor which allows her to stay in school and receive clothes and other gifts.


Twahiri Luwala lives in Kamuli with his parents and his sister Shanita and baby brother. He is 7 years old and in grade 1 at school. His mom sells charcoal for a living and raises a few hens.


Shanita Nakamya is 9 and lives in Kamuli with her parents and brother Twahiri in a single room home. She is a good student and is in grade 3 at one of the best schools in her rural area. She enjoys learning and playing with her friends.


Dinah is 11 and has 2 sisters and 2 little brothers who all live with their mother in Kamuli, Uganda. Dinah especially likes playing with dolls.


Faima is 8 and is a kind, sweet little girl who loves coming to our events when we cook special meals or give out gifts to kids. She is a great student and attends one of Kamuli’s best schools.


Shaluwah is a sister to Dinah and Famia who are also sponsored by Joncol.


Karima lives with her aunt and uncle and 20+ cousins in a small home. She shares a bed with one of her girl cousins her age. Her mum is alive but works as a maid and can’t earn enough to support a child, and her dad lives and works in Kenya and visits her only a few times a year. She struggles in grade 3 as she can’t speak English very well yet but she is trying. Her family eats corn meal or rice daily. Their diet doesn’t vary since there are many mouths to feed.


Faith Naiga is in her 3rd year of High school in Mbiko, Uganda. She has many friends in her school and is a good student. She lives with her grandma and other cousins. Her parents whereabouts are not known at this time.


Hakim Muhammed is in his 2nd year of High school in the capital city Kampala, Uganda. He is an excellent student living with his mum, younger sister and several cousins. His mum has a small outdoor shop where she sells items to earn a living.


Sharifa Asiimwe is from Mbiko and is going to begin her first year of high school soon. She is 14 and lives with her 10 year old sister and their mother who had a stroke 3 years ago and is partially paralyzed. Sharifa’s schooling has suffered as she is responsible for most of the household chores.


Thuwaiba is a good student living in Kamuli , Uganda with her uncle who works a shop to earn a living in town. Her parents whereabouts are unknown.


Zam Nabirye is in grade 3 at a great school in Kamuli.


Angel Mubiru is 14 and going to Grade 5. She was born with a mental issue and is falling behind at school. She lives with her younger sister and single mother who makes Samosa’s and small snacks to sell in their slum of Mbiko.


Aisha Cheke lives with her parents, 7 siblings and several aunts, uncles and cousins in Kamuli. Most of the parents are illiterate and can’t easily find work so they struggle a lot to provide for the children. Aisha is in grade 7 and can’t speak English very well due to a lack of education and her parents are unable to assist her with home work. The kids in her family lack nutrients in their diet and usually only eat rice.


Ashervin Horaang is in grade 1 and is soften unwell. He lives with his Grandmother and several other cousins in Mbiko. There was a fire at his home 2 years ago and the family lost many of their possessions.


Hope Nalubanga lives in Mbiko slum with her Grandma who sells some vegetables at an outdoor stand in order to provide for the families daily needs. Hope enjoys playing with her friends in the village. She is an excellent student with all A’s on her reports in grade 2.


Emmanuel Muwanguzi is 14 years old and is a good student in Grade 7. He lives with his sister age 15 and brothers ages 11 and 13. The children live alone in a 1 room home in Mbiko as their parents and grandmother moved to an island to work and left the kids behind where there is more opportunities for education. The kids do their best to study hard so they can have a brighter future.


Alvin Gwaluka is a funny young boy in grade 2. He is known to run around the village in only a pair of shorts or even wearing a dress. We are unsure if this is the attire he prefers or if its the only clean items on those days. His mom raises her 5 boys all alone in a 1 room house in Mbiko. She does odd jobs but can’t afford to send all her kids to school. She is grateful that Alvin is sponsored by Joncol.


Michael Nabongo lives with his family in Kamuli and attends a Rural school. His brother Lawrence is a good student but Michael is a bit of a slow learner. Their grandmother rents a small house in town and the boys often visit her during school holidays. She has bought some posters with various math, grammar and other subjects on them to put on the walls for the boys to study when they visit.


Baluku Albert Evans is a little boy in kindergarten and is raised by his parents in Kamuli. His school has been teaching him English but he is still very young at this time and his learning will progress in the coming years.


The Jon Angel fence is currently under construction and consists of planting bushes and then surrounding them with wire. This is the African way of keeping people and animals off property.



Nadia is a sweet and happy 7 year old girl who lives in a very poor community in rural Kamuli. She lives with her family and ailing grandfather who suffers from TB and HIV.

As Kamuli is very isolated, the services available are poor. She is grateful for the opportunity to attend school and create a better life for herself.

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