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Moving house is difficult enough. If you throw young children into the mix, the degree of difficulty only intensifies. But, while moving with children may be a tough proposition, it isn’t impossible.


Kent Removals & Storage has been helping Australians and their children to move for over 70 years. During that time, they’ve learnt a few secrets on how to keep the kids happy and the move on track. here are their best tips for a smooth move with young children.


Keep Up The Routine

Young children are often seen as the embodiment of a free spirit, but in truth, they love routine. Moving house is a significant change, and they may find it a little confronting. To ensure they remain happy on moving day, you need to keep as much of their routine the same as possible. That means planning the move and preparations around things like school, extra-curricular activities and time with friends. Keep these things the same, and they’ll likely cope with the big change a lot better.


Time, Time, Time

You need to give yourself ample time to pack and prepare if you have young children. If you’ve moved without children, you need to take the time you devoted to that move and double it for each young child you have. Kids add time to a move, because they have lots of stuff and they can’t move it themselves.


Get Them Excited

If you’re moving interstate, or moving overseas or even nearby, it’s always a good idea to take them to their new neighbourhood so they can see where they will be living. You can show them some local attractions, parks, playgrounds and other things that will give them something to look forward to.


Model Good Behaviour

Your children look to you for guidance. If you are stressed about the move, they will be stressed. Moving house is a big project, and you will be stressed, but you need to hide this at all times. If you feel the panic rising, just go back to your to-do-list and calmly work through it.


Don’t Be Strict

Moving day is not the day for strict parenting. It’s a day to indulge your children a little bit. Give them as much time on the iPad as they like. Let them eat lollies for lunch and let them play silly games. The aim of the game is to keep them safe and occupied so that you can focus on the move. You can pick up the parenting slack when the move is finished.


Allocate Your Children a Few Odd Jobs

Kids love responsibility, and if you’re having trouble keeping them occupied by giving them some small jobs to do. Not only will this keep them busy, but it will also save you another job.


Declutter Their Room

Kids have a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff that they don’t use. They get sick of toys after a couple of months, and grow out of clothes every year, so why not use the house move as an opportunity to clean out their toy chest and wardrobe. Just do this in secret, because little-ones are prone to protests, even if they haven’t picked up the item in years.


Get Help

There’s no shame in shipping the kids off to Grandma, Aunty or a babysitter for the day. Even if you only get help for the half the day, it can make a considerable difference to your stress levels. Plus, you’ll be able to give your move the full attention it needs.

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How to Make the Most of Storage During Renovations


A secure storage space is a valuable asset to have when renovating. It saves you from having to move boxes around the house as your builder does their best to work around them, or from having to stash your belongings in parents’ and friends’ garages. In addition, secure storage keeps your valuables in much better condition (particularly compared to leaving them in the middle of a construction site).


So, if you’re all set to invest in storage during your renovation, you may as well get the most value for money from the exercise. The experts at Kent Storage have put together some tips for Joncol Clients on how to make the most out of your spend on a storage space:


  • Find a Space For You

The first step is ensuring that your storage provider has all the features you want, and can perform all the functions that you need. For example, does it offer professional packing and move into storage? Does it have all the features you expect to ensure that your treasures safe, such as alarm systems, fire monitoring, and climate control. Not all storage spaces were created equal, so it is worth doing your homework before signing on the dotted line.


  • Thoroughly Check Your Storage Provider

This leads us to our next tip! People tend to think that all storage spaces are the same, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. For instance, self storage options require that you pack and transport all your own items to the space. That often means hiring a moving van, enlisting friends and family to move your items, lugging everything across town, loading into the space, and then repeating all that in reverse once your renovation is complete! That’s definitely a few weekends down the drain! Professional storage providers will pack, stack and transport your items for you. They’ll even offer extra services such as redelivery and free inventory and condition reporting. Plus, they’ll have all the industry association accreditations that you’d expect from a professional operation, as well as extensive industry experience, and numerous positive customer reviews.


  • Pack Properly

If you just throw your things into the space and lock the door, then you’re sure to find that some of your belongings just don’t survive. Delicate items, like wooden furniture and artwork need special attention to protect them from mould, mildew and damp. Electronics need to be wrapped and protected to ensure they aren’t damaged by the harsher conditions of storage spaces. Whitegoods need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Oil, petrol, gas and batteries need to be drained and removed wherever they’re present. If your renovation has left you short for time, you may even want to find a storage provider that offers a professional packing service.


  • Give Yourself Flexible Time

Unfortunately, building projects can sometimes run over time due to unforeseen delays, such as bad weather. So, make sure you book your storage space for at least a couple of weeks after the expected finish date of your renovation. Alternatively, opt for a storage provider that is flexible—one who can accommodate your belongings, should you need an additional month’s worth of storage at the drop of a hat. There’s nothing worse than being stuck without a home for your belongings (and having to lug them all around town) for the sake of a couple of weeks.


  • Don’t Waste Space

You’ve paid for the entirety of your storage space, so make sure you use it all. The sky’s the limit when it comes to packing your storage space; pack to the roof by using plywood sheets to create sturdy levels of boxes. You also need to come up with labeling system that is matched with your inventory so you can easily locate items and pull them out of storage when you need them.


Follow this advice and you’ll turn an expense into an asset. You’ll be eternally grateful that you organised a storage space at the end of your renovation when all you have to do is organsie re-delivery of your belongings.


For more information, read Kent’s Complete Storage Checklist for even more handy storage tips.

Post Date: 17/03/17